I realize it has been a while since I have updated my blog (sorry!!!). Life has been very busy for Reagan and I, but alas among the hustle and bustle I thought I would pop in quickly to tell you what we have been doing! We recently had the opportunity to travel on holiday to Palm Springs with my family for a week.

This was going to be Reagan’s first flight so of course the night before I was up with a somersaulting tummy worrying of how the impending day would go. We woke up at 4 am to be at the airport by 6. I treated Reagan to a blueberry scone from Starbucks (his favorite) and he was a hit with travelers and flight attendants alike. Our flight went great. To my shock he nursed then slept the whole way no need to pull out my secret weapon (lion king)!

Once we arrived in California we were immediately met with sunshine and lovely Palm trees. My little guy had a tan before we even arrived at the hotel (he has his fathers skin tone). The rest of our time was spent at the Living Desert zoo ( we fed a giraffe!) , taking long walks to find ducks, playing in the splash pad, and relaxing by the pool…(ok not so much of that, but who said traveling with a toddler was easy!)

Here are a few pictures from our trip! We had such a wonderful time with Reagan on our first family adventure. I can’t wait to show Reagan the world, one step at a time.



Happy Travels. 

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Healthy(-er) P U M P K I N crumble cake

It’s that time of year again. The wind is blowing, the leaves are changing, and everyone is baking things with pumpkin. Admit it, you have probably rushed off to Starbucks to enjoy one of their overly sweet syrupy pumpkin creations. I too did the same. After all the hype on Instagram of the return of the famed “pumpkin spiced latte” I reluctantly plopped down $5.40 and took a sip. Gross. I thought to myself.. I can so do better than this to cure my pumpkin craving!

I searched Pinterest for days looking for just the recipe to satisfy my ever nagging sweet tooth. I needed a recipe that packed a pumpkin punch while still being something I wouldn’t mind slippy my Reggy a bite. This recipe is it! I found a recipe for crumb cake and tweaked it to become my best pumpkin creation of all time… (No really… its that good!)

Preheat OVEN to 350degrees Grease and lightly flour a 9″ pie dish or 9″ square bread pan.

Pumpkin Batter

1 3/4 cup white whole wheat baking flour

1 1/2 TSP mixture cinnamon and nutmeg (pumpkin pie spice if you have it)

1tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

1/2 stick butter

1/3 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar

3 large egg whites

4TBSP Applesauce

1 cup no sugar added pumpkin puree

1tbsp vanilla

Crumble Topping

2/3 cup rolled oats, quinoa flakes, wheat germ, or anything else your heart can dream!
(get creative and slip in something healthy!)

1/2 cup white whole wheat flour

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

5tbsp butter (light butter will work too)

Optional add in’s- Chopped Walnuts, flax seeds, chopped pecans, ect!

Directions (ill keep it simple): (Feel free to copy and paste this to print and follow as you bake)

Pumpkin Batter:

Mix dry ingredients (flour, soda,powder,spices) set aside.

In separate larger bowl cream butter. Slowly add sugars and vanilla. Next add in egg whites one at a time. Add applesauce. Mix until smooth, but do not over mix. Slowly add dry ingredients into wet. Set aside while you prepare the crumble.


Toss all dry ingredients into a bowl. Cut butter in slowly until there is a “crumbly” appearance. I always use my fingers. Just a personal preference.

Time to assemble!

Pour Pumpkin Cake batter into your pre-greased pan. Gently pile crumb mixture on-top and even out.

That’s it! Pop it into a 350 degree oven for somewhere around 55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the thickest part of your cake comes out clean!

I hope you enjoy the recipe! May I add that it goes fabulously with a cup of coffee for a sweet morning treat.

Emily + Her mini sidekick- Reagan

R E A G A N is 13 months

I cannot believe its been 13 months since I brought my son into this world. In one sense I cannot imagine life without him, but on the other hand it seems like just yesterday I was swaddling him up and nursing him for the first time. Its been an adventure and I could have never predicted when I was pregnant just what an amazing little boy I would have as my son.

Reagan is now topping the scale at 26 pounds and his new favorite thing he has learned this month is to make animal sounds! Rooster and lion (as well as rabbit) are his best impression and he can also do a duck, horse, goat, kitty, and puppy. It is too cut to watch him roar. Anyone that knows Reagan in person knows he has a tiny quiet voice and to listen to a hushed roar come out of his mouth while he puts up his hands like they are claws is just too precious!

We had a busy month between July 20th-Aug 20th 2012. We are trying to spend as much time outside as possible while we can. Northwest summers are notoriously SHORT and we want to soak up every ray of sun we can before it disappears again!

While making the journey from 12-13 months a few of the activities we enjoyed were… spending many hours at the park, eating breakfast out every Thursday, road tripping to the beach, and our first visit to the aquarium.I will share a few photo highlights of this month!

Story time at a local bookstore. It was his first time walking in public and he thought he was too cool. He stared at the big kids and we even purchased a new special book to add to his growing library, Little Blue Leads the Way!

We spend many hours at the park giggling and snuggling. He loves to watch the dogs parade by at the dog park near by. He says Woof Woof andpoints. He gets the big furry ones confused with lions. He’ll get it sorted out soon enough! We share blueberry scones and laugh. I always tell him how funny it is that owners almost always look like their dogs, but we have a miniature weenie dog so I’m not too sure what that says about us…

Listening to live music on Nye Beach in Newport on his FIRST (july 20, 2012) birthday. He is so tender and sweet to me. He softly brushes my cheek and gives hugs and kisses often. Anyone who says toddlers are snuggle proof has never met my sweet Reagan.

Taking this boy swimming usually means spending most of the time outside of the pool playing in the yard. He wants to explore everything. He is such a helper nowadays. If he thinks I could use a hand he steps right in and takes over! He is his mommy’s son!

I take him to the park and let him free in the middle of a giant field. This is the only way I can keep this boy from immediately making a run for the rocks and dirt. This way we can stroll along next to each other and enjoy a nice walk. We go most morning and lately the grass is extra crunchy! It seems the sun is taking a toll on our grassy knoll!

Another from our park spot. I think we make a lovely pair.

Trip up to Hood River and Rasmussen Farms. We ran through a corn maze and I let him have a bite of my caramel apple. He was a fit of giggles the rest of the day. We had a lovely road trip and plan to head back soon.

Another picture from Hood River. This was taken at the Hood River white house. They have lovely you pick flowers and wide open fields to run and play. He was very interested in the tractors and grape vines. Perhaps we have a future Vineyard owner on our hands? A mother can dream…

I took this photo on our visit to Columbia Park Splash Pads. I was introduced to splash pads by my friend, Bree. Reagan and I have loved finding new ones to explore ever since. This one is great! He was so timid and loved watching the “big” kids run and splash. He would get so excited he would bounce up and down and say, OOOOh OOOH OOOh  maa-maa-maa!

This little boy has got me under his sweet spell. Most days I feel love drunk just breathing in his sweet baby smell and listening to his giggles that seem to radiate from the center of his soul. I am blessed to share my days and nights with him.

Happy 13 M O N T H S Reagan Oliver Lane. May every month be a celebration of your life. I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish next.

HOOD RIVER, OR: roadtrip

Today my family took a trip up the Gorge to escape the summer weather of Portland. Just 45 miles from home lies this wonderful oasis of farmlands, quaint restaurants, and scenic roadways. Reagan and I had a blast together as usual . We walked through the You Pick flower Gardens of The Hood River White House, met a family of Alpaca, ate lunch at the Riverside Bar and Grill, and even ran through a deserted corn maze! I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of my sweetie enjoying the scenery along the way.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway or even a day trip I highly suggest exploring Hood River, Oregon and all its splendor. It boasts some of the best Kiteboarding and Windsurfing in the world! I plan to go back and take a class before the summer is up. Enjoy!

This photo was taken in Hood River at the White House. It is a beautiful you pick field with flowers, blueberries, and wine tasting availible. I highly suggest making a pit stop on your next stop through town.

The “Rainbow Chairs” at Rasmussen Farms. This farm was a little run down and out of sorts to be honest, but stop and take a picture by the chairs! They also have a lovely fully functioning farmers market as well as one of the best views of the valley. I wouldnt suggest making this your pit stop for halloween pumpkin picking as it doesnt have as many activities as bezi farms does.

The flower fields at The White House Farms. Can you believe all of these beautiful flowers are available for you pick? The farm also offers wine tastings. Sounds like a lovely date idea to me.

Lunch at the Riverside Bar and Grill. The lunch was lovely and we got to watch a group of people taking wind and kitesurfing lessons. I am now intrigued and plan to take a class before the summer is over!

All in all we enjoyed our jouney up the scenic gorge. It made me realized how blessed we are to live in a place near the ocean, mountains, lakes, and desert all within a few hours drive. Remember, just because you can’t afford to travel far, doesn’t mean you can’t explore new things every day.

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Product Review: Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy

As a mother who considers herself somewhat frugal I am interested in finding products that not only work, but also a product that will last. That is why I feel the need to share with you one of my Top 5 baby items I have come across, ever… YES I SAID EVER!

First I feel the need to give a little introduction as to why my family has made the decision to give up plastics (as much as possible in modern society). Bisphenol A, more commonly refered to as BPA is a topic that is currently hot on the tongues of environmentalists and middle class Americans alike.You have probably heard BPA referenced in conjunction with various types of cancer, brain development problems in children, and poor fetal development. I am of the stand point that as parents we need educate ourselves on the dangers of BPA and how we can protect ourselves from this harmful chemical. If you know all about BPA and are still fine with your children having it then by all means this review isn’t for you. If you have been thinking of making the switch from plastic sippy’s to a safer option then please read on!

Back to the Pura Kiki,This thing is top of the line in regards to environmentally friendly BPA free sippy cups. As someone who is extremely cautious of their childs contact with plastic containers this cup is a dream. It is 100% stainless steel except the spout which is 100% silicone, it is naturally anti-bacterial, and is durable. When I say durable.. I mean its durable in toddler standards. This thing has taken a fall out of my moving SUV, twice. It doesn’t have a mark, scratch, or dent on it. Sold? Just you wait.

You know that funny smell you get when you wash your childs sippy or other plastic container in the dishwasher? That is from leaching. When the plastic is heated bacteria and chemicals are leached into the sippy and are trapped there. The bacteria and chemicals are then transferred into the liquid placed in your childs container. This will not happen with a stainless steel cup. Another great thing is ,we own ONE. Yes only one. This saves space, mess, and hassle. The thought of having a whole drawer full of plastic sippys to fumble through seems like an unorganized disaster. I quickly hand wash our Pura Kiki after meals and its ready to go!

The Pura Kiki comes in three parts for easy cleaning. The main base, screw on lid, and silicone spout. I think I should also mention that the liquid is very easy to dispense when a child drinks from it. My son has never had a bottle and within a day he was using this sippy like a pro. It is very lightweight which enables the child to lift it easily too. Now I know what you are thinking. If the liquid is easy for a toddler to get out then it’s probably going to get in more places that just this mouth. WRONG! I have never had a leak or spill. I tested it earlier by shaking it and meer drops came out! There is no valve or stopper like you may have seen with other sippy’s. The silicone spout is simply made in a way to only let liquid out when drank from. This cuts down on bacteria transferred into the liquid contents.It’s ingenious.

Going for an economic bottle to sippy transition? You can use nipples from born free, Dr Brown’s, and advent as well as other companies to transition this cup into a full functioning baby bottle. It even has internal and external measuring lines to know how much liquid you are putting in. Yeah, this sippy does it all.

I bought mine on Amazon for $15.99. Each additional silicone spout will cost you somewhere around 8.99. I have had mine 5 months and havent needed a replacement yet. I have tried the nipples from the born free bottles and they fit great! Pura is now offering silicone sleeves to protect when using very warm liquid as well.

All in all this Stainless Steel Sippy gets two thumbs up in this environmentally friendly mama’s book… my only question.. when do I get a mommy sized one!???

For any additional questions or concerns visit the Pura website found at www.purastainless.com

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Columbia Park: S P L A S H pad

The weather has been a real scorcher this week. We love enjoying the outdoors together, but this heat has left me scratching my head for ideas to stay cool and be outdoors at the same time. A good friend of mine, Bree mentioned she takes her daughter to splash pads in California. I figured surely if California has splash pads then the lovely city of Portland MUST! After a bit of research our plan was set. We would spend our day at the splash pads in Portland’s Columbia Park! After all, what better way to enjoy a sunny Portland day than to run through  the splash pads to cool off!

Columbia Park is located at the intersection of Lombard and Wooley Ave in Portland, Or. It is just a short drive from Jantzen beach and Portland International Race way. The park boasts three large play areas with slides, swings, and play gyms as well as tennis and basketball courts which are all free for public use. One of the first things I noticed when pulling up to the park was how many families were having BBQ cook outs. If families are BBQing at noon on a Wednesday, you know this park is good! Another thing I noticed was how clean the park was. We can all admit this isn’t the best part of Portland, but the grounds were impeccably kept, their was no trash laying around, and the TREES oh the trees are something you have to see for yourself. Nothing I say there will do them any justice.

This takes me to my next bit of information I have been excited to share with you… the park has a splash pad! A wonderful splash pad at that! What is a splash pad you ask? A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water, instead it has a playground full of fun water features to run and SPLASH through at your hearts content (kids love these things, trust me)

Reagan was so sweet. He has become very interested in little (big to him) kids and so badly wants to be just like them. We walked the mile loop of the park first, but he never took his eyes off the kids splashing and playing. I knew he wanted in. We unloaded our picnic goodies and set up camp. He couldn’t get in the water fast enough. I could barely get him into his swim outfit before he ran off into the pad with the big kids. He isn’t a big fan of getting wet (unless its the ocean), but he put on a brave face. He would bounce up and down on his chubby legs every time he would get sprayed with a water feature. I love watching him experience the world and all the things in it. His sweet innocence makes my day, every day.


KNOCK K N O C K…[secret] special delivery…

Sure.. A bouquet of roses will do.. even a few fresh picked flowers from the garden are a nice gesture, but gifting someone fresh Organic vegetables really says.. “hey, I love you… stick around a while.

Lately I have been feeling extra inspired. I don’t know if its the fact that I am finally getting the Vitamin D my body has been lacking (from our extra long winter this year), or the fact that I am feeling so full of love that I want to share it with the world, but either way, while I was spending a few quiet moments yesterday nursing Reagan and contemplating what do to with my abundance of produce waiting just out my back door it hit me…..

Why not brighten one friend a weeks day by loading a box of full of vegetables,herbs,and my gorgeous dahlias then leave it on their front porch and run like the dickens before they catch me?!?! I know what you are thinking… why not just give them away to the neighbors or make an abundance of zucchini bread?….. well… I have made zucchini bread and my neighbors are odd ,but also because… WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT!

I picked my first VICTIM  lucky recipient, loaded up a box, added a sweet note, and Dun-da-DUN-DA! My very first garden secret delivery was made!

I loaded up Reagan into the car and excitedly headed over to my friend Sarah’s house. She had no idea what was coming her way. I pulled up to the house, unloaded the vegetables (and my 26 pound 12 month old), and ran to her door! I placed the box of goodies on the front porch and ran back to my car in a flash! The feeling that Reagan and I were going to get caught red handed WAS SO EXCITING!

She later wrote me saying that I had brightened her day. What she didn’t know is that doing something nice for her MADE MY DAY.I can’t wait until next week. Fingers crossed ladies… you might just be my next lucky victim..


O N E photo an HOUR

Follow our journey through a typical day.  O N E photo taken every HOUR… all day. Real life. No staging. No props. No special cameras. Just Reagan and I on a normal summer day enjoying every adventure put in our way. 

5:00 am- Feed the baby. Pray he goes back to sleep.

6:00 am- Well… He’s up and ready to go! Smiling at the birdies chirping out our windows. Why must birds be at their loudest this early in the morning….. where is my coffee?

7:00 am- Trying to get ready with a one year old. RESULT- Toilet paper all over the bathroom floor and my M.A.C paint pot in the toilet. Still no coffee. ( I now see this is where a significant other would come in handy)

8:00am- Baby wanted to nurse. Guess someone was tired after destroying our bathroom this morning. Glad someone can sleep…seeing as mommy is now WIDE awake. Catching up on emails, doing laundry, cleaning said destroyed bathroom, and maybe just MAYBE finally get that coffee I have been dreaming of….

9:00- AHHHH yes. SWEET sweet coffee I have been dreaming of. Reagan and I have a tradition of going on a mother +son breakfast date once a week and this morning seemed like the perfect day for it. He people watches and eats the blueberries I packed and mommy enjoys her skinny caramel macchiato and blueberry scone.

10:00am- Chase baby through park. Relish in the fact that he is becoming such an amazing little boy with a spirit and bright as the sun.

11:00 – Swing until I am almost sure he will throw up or fall asleep if we continue. I love how he giggles and throws the arms in the air when I get the guts to push him a little higher. What an adventurer I have.

12:00pm- We have made it to lunch. He undoubtedly will pick out his blueberries and avocado as usual. I will try to sneak some chicken on his plate. He will throw it to the dog. I have my sneaky suspicions he will be a vegan someday.

1:00pm After lunch was over and cleaned up we play outside. If I can keep him from the dirt and rocks we usually inspect our garden and see if anything can be harvested. Today we picked a big zucchini to give to a dear friend of ours.  It’s nearly half as big as he is and this isn’t our largest pick of the season!

2:00pm- SUCCESS! After going without a nap for nearly a week I am more than pleased to say we are back on our normal daily routine.

Sit and stare at my son wondering why God picked me to take care of such a perfect baby. Realize this time would be better spent doing homework.

3:00pm- After I put in a bit of time studying I realize I would much rather be out enjoying the sunshine.

While baby sleeps I collect a harvest from our garden. I have decided that every week (while my garden produces) I will drop a box of goodies on the doorstep of a deserving woman in my life. (posting to follow)

4:00pm- The baby is awake! We both aren’t much into sitting around the house and with this heat I didn’t want him out in the yard. I decided to take him out for a special treat. We got dark chocolate and oatmeal cookie batter. It was delicious, but so SOOOO sweet. After about three bites each we passed it of to grandpa who gobbled up the rest muttering ooohhhh’s and aaahhhhh’s. He is a very loud eater (but that is a subject for another time)

5:00pm Read all the books he got for his Birthday for the 100Th time and play wrestle. He has been so into cuddling and playing with me lately. It is one of the most rewarding things I have felt as a mother. I love that he now realizes how special he is to me.

6:00pm- Didn’t get a picture during dinner. Dinner with a toddler is like a blender with the lid off. By the time I get him sat down and eating and dish a plate for myself he is always finished and ready to escape the high chair. It doesn’t matter, will eat a warm meal again when he is eighteen.

Next, Get suckered into traditional post dinner wagon ride.

Decide baby need to be pulled on the wagon through the sprinkler. It didn’t end well for me. He got a good giggle out of how wet mommy got. I don’t care because I am just tickled to see him having such a ball.

7:00- BATH TIME- Something we both look forward to everyday. I usually use this time to tidy the bathroom and sing songs to him while he splashes and plays with his ducks. Tonight we played “ducks in a row”. It consists of mommy lining up the ducks and Reagan throwing them. It is exhausting and SO fun.

8:pm Lotion. Cuddle.SMOOCH.Read. Sing. (most importantly)Nurse.  ASLEEP

ahhhh..they are so innocent and peaceful when they sleep.

stare in awe for 10 minutes….realize I’m being weird.

He will undoubtedly take up my side of the bed for the remainder of the night. I DON’T MIND ONE LITTLE BIT.

9:pm Now that the baby is asleep I will spend the remainder of the evening doing the second more important thing in my life. Studying. I want to become a midwife so badly. Not only to have a steady career so I will never have to worry about providing for my son ,but also because I have a true passion for Women and children’s health.

While studying I suddenly realize that adding ICE to the remainder of my coffee isn’t in fact actually GIVING me any more coffee.

Spend the next four hours studying. Decide at 12:30 that I could be snuggling my baby instead of writing this paper. Do just that until I fall fast asleep.

Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did.

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M O M M Y of the week: Meagan Peltier

For my first mommy of the week I wanted to pick someone extra special in our lives. Someone who is near and dear to our hearts. I couldn’t think of a better pair than Meagan and sweet Charlotte. In many ways Megan and my life mirror each other. We were both left when we were newly pregnant and managed the journey through pregnancy, birth, and now into parenthood, alone.  Although we have never met and live over a thousand miles apart we have a special bond. Through our struggles we can connect to each other on a level many others may not understand. I am so glad she agreed to let me feature her as our first M O M M Y OF THE WEEK!

Not only is Meagan a single mother, but she is also strong, determined, and always puts her daughters needs first. Her daughter, Charlotte Mae was born four weeks early on September 10TH, 2011 at 9:55am weighing 6LBS 9OZ and was 18 inches long. I have watched her grow into a beautiful, happy little girl over these past eleven months and cannot believe she will soon be celebrating the big O N E!

One thing I love about Meagan is that she puts her whole heart into being a mother. That is something I truly admire and respect in a woman. Although she is just 21 years old, she often shows the courage and strength of a woman twice her age. She never takes the easy way out or complains of the many frustrations one can face as a single mother either. Instead, she relentlessly speaks of her love for Charlotte Mae and the gratitude she feels being her mother. As soon as she found out she was pregnant Meagan knew she would be a single mother. Instead of being full of worry and fear she was excited and thankful to God for this next chapter in her life. This excitement and love has carried on through her pregnancy and now into parenthood.

When preparing for this post I asked her what her biggest struggle as a mother was. She said, My biggest struggle is forgiving myself. Accepting the fact that it is not her or my fault that we are alone. That I am deserving of true love and a family of my own.” This moved me to tears. I think many of us single mothers can relate. I personally have spent many sleepless nights awake holding my baby apologizing to him that we don’t have a real family. Its moments like this that I am glad I have friends like Meagan to call upon for support. She is always there to make me laugh and remind me of how strong we are for taking on the hardest job in the world, alone.

Earlier this evening Meagan told me her daughter was her saving grace. “Charlotte gave me a reason to exist. A Reason to wake up and love myself.” It is this selflessness that makes her the wonderful mother she is. Her Biggest advice to parents is to always put your children first, ahead of job aspirations and any relationships that may enter your lives. She says, “Only bring people into your lives that will benefit you both, and put your child before anyone else“.

Meagan is one busy mommy! She works, keeps up a home, and somehow manages to do it all looking flawless. When I ask her how she manages to look picture perfect at any given time she credits it to having a simple and minimal makeup routine. This she says, keeps her looking put together, but keeps Charlotte from getting into all of her makeup!

Meagan and Charlotte’s aspirations for the future are endless. I know I cannot wait to see what these two will accomplish together. Meagan hopes to move to Florida to live with her boyfriend, Nick in the near future. She credits him with being a great support system for her and Charlotte and is excited for what their future will hold. As far as her wishes for Charlotte, Meagan said, “I want her to be confident in herself. To always have good self-esteem and be so friendly and welcoming. To have friends and self-worth.”.

I am so thankful Meagan could be our first M O M M Y of the week! I can’t think of anyone more committed to motherhood than Meagan is. If you want to connect with Meagan she is always willing to talk about parenthood or anything else you may have on your mind. You can find her on INSTAGRAM by the name @megamomma. Be sure to stop by and give her a thumbs up for being such a wonderful mother to Charlotte.

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Newport, Oregon B E A C H a calm.inspiring.getaway

Instead of having Reagan’s party the weekend of his Birthday I planned to have it the weekend before so I could spend his actually birthday in a more intimate and personal setting. I have always found the beach to be an inspiring and calming place.I knew that was just where I wanted to spend this special day with my son.

We stayed in a tiny condo overlooking Nye Beach in Newport, Or. The views were spectacular and the smell of the ocean air was crisp and inviting. While in Newport we spent a lot of time walking the beach. It gave me a chance as a mother to clear my head and reflect on the amazing year we had been through together. The ups and the downs. The many tears and giggles shared.

My little guy had the time of his life. He would screech as each wave came and lapped up again his tiny legs. He could not get enough of the frigid ocean water. I had to pry him away from the ocean so the waves wouldnt knock him over! I think am POSITIVE he ate his fair share of sand during our stay. I was finding it for days in the crevices of his baby rolls. We all decided he is destined to enjoy surfing when he is old enough.

It was so neat to see him enjoying getting dirty and having a little adventure. You are only a O N E year old little boy once after all!

Also, If you are in downtown Nye Beach do yourself a favor and stop by Stephanie’s. It is the most perfect Cafe with the worlds best Cranberry Orange Scones. We went back for breakfast everyday we were in town. The warm buttery scones and free refillable coffee kept us going throught our busy beach stay. It became a tradition to get a warm scone and coffee and walk the beach in the morning. I think Reagan was more than a little bummed when we came home and he didnt get his daily scone any longer. I plan to do a H O T  S P O T review of this Caf’e on the blog soon. We loved it THAT much!

We cannot wait to go back to the beach again. I am planning on making it an annual tradition to travel on his birthday. Life can always use a new adventure and what better way to start a new year of life than to explore somewhere you have never been. Happy and Safe travels to all our friends, now get out and see the  W O R L D!

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